Calling All Doncaster Charities – Do you qualify for one of our grants ?

The JW Chapman Trust , which supports those in need in the Doncaster Metropolitan Borough,  each march makes a number of awards to other Charities who are supporting Doncaster residents in need . If you are a registered charity and believe you are meeting those objectives then you are invited to make application to the Trustees C/O 4 Priory Place Doncaster DN1 1BP . You must set out what you seek a grant for , how it will benefit those in need and support it with financial information along with confirmation of your charitable status .

The deadline for submissions is 21st March 2018 . Demand will out strip the funds available and the decision will be made by the Trustees purely on the merit of the application . The Trustees are not able to to discuss the details of any decision made or why your application might not have been  successful .

The Trust looks forward to hearing of other work it might be able to support for the benefit of Doncaster residents .

March 2017 – Trust Awards

At its March 2017 meeting the Trust continued to make a large number of awards to those in need in Doncaster . Whilst individual grant information cannot be released the overall figures of awards were as follows :

15 Clothing Grants

12 Carpet Grants

3 Washer Grants

1 Bed and Bunk Beds

1 Electric Cooker 

These are a direct provision of items provided to applicants to support them in their homes . Clothing grants are typically made to young people in supported accommodation .

Trust make significant awards to Local Charities – March 2017

Following a period of careful stewardship of the trust , the trustees found themselves in a position to make a number of significant donations to local charities to continue the trusts aim to support those in need in Doncaster .

Awards were made to the following charities :

  • Cavendish Cancer Care : £6,000
  • Fairshare Yorkshire : £5,000
  • Doncaster Housing for Young People : £5,000
  • Barnado’s :£ 5,000
  • Church Housing Trust : £1,500
  • The Alcohol & Drug Service: £1,500

In addition an exceptional grant was made by the Trustees to support urgent site repairs to the Nuttall Cottage Homes for Aged Spinsters in  for the safety of residents .