March 2017 – Trust Awards

At its March 2017 meeting the Trust continued to make a large number of awards to those in need in Doncaster . Whilst individual grant information cannot be released the overall figures of awards were as follows :

15 Clothing Grants

12 Carpet Grants

3 Washer Grants

1 Bed and Bunk Beds

1 Electric Cooker 

These are a direct provision of items provided to applicants to support them in their homes . Clothing grants are typically made to young people in supported accommodation .

Annual Report Year Ending 2016

The Chairman of the Trustees Mark Hunter has reported on the Trusts activities in 2016 .

I am pleased to be able to report on behalf of myself and fellow Trustees that we have maintained a steady flow of income, made progress in the rationalisation of the property portfolio and most importantly fulfilled the objectives of the Charity Scheme meeting once again the growing demands of the sections of the Doncaster Community who have applied for assistance on the grounds of hardship and distress.

A full copy of the Trusts Annual Report is accessible here : Annual Report 20152016

The Trust has given its major priority to the provision of individual grants but has also been able to make significant awards to support other local charities :

The Trustees have remained of the opinion that their priority should still be the provision of individual awards but as in previous years they have, where funds have been available, sought to assist local larger charities who fulfil a similar object within the town. This year a total of £22,910 was paid to Fairshare Yorkshire, Cavendish Cancer Care , Barnado’s, Prince’s Trust , SAFE@LAST, and Doncaster Housing for Young  People and the total sum of £44,634 was paid out for individual awards.

The Trust looks forward to another year supporting those in need in Doncaster in 2017