Calling All Doncaster Charities – Do you qualify for one of our grants ?

The JW Chapman Trust , which supports those in need in the Doncaster Metropolitan Borough,  each march makes a number of awards to other Charities who are supporting Doncaster residents in need . If you are a registered charity and believe you are meeting those objectives then you are invited to make application to the Trustees C/O 4 Priory Place Doncaster DN1 1BP . You must set out what you seek a grant for , how it will benefit those in need and support it with financial information along with confirmation of your charitable status .

The deadline for submissions is 21st March 2018 . Demand will out strip the funds available and the decision will be made by the Trustees purely on the merit of the application . The Trustees are not able to to discuss the details of any decision made or why your application might not have been  successful .

The Trust looks forward to hearing of other work it might be able to support for the benefit of Doncaster residents .

March 2017 – Trust Awards

At its March 2017 meeting the Trust continued to make a large number of awards to those in need in Doncaster . Whilst individual grant information cannot be released the overall figures of awards were as follows :

15 Clothing Grants

12 Carpet Grants

3 Washer Grants

1 Bed and Bunk Beds

1 Electric Cooker 

These are a direct provision of items provided to applicants to support them in their homes . Clothing grants are typically made to young people in supported accommodation .

Trust make significant awards to Local Charities – March 2017

Following a period of careful stewardship of the trust , the trustees found themselves in a position to make a number of significant donations to local charities to continue the trusts aim to support those in need in Doncaster .

Awards were made to the following charities :

  • Cavendish Cancer Care : £6,000
  • Fairshare Yorkshire : £5,000
  • Doncaster Housing for Young People : £5,000
  • Barnado’s :£ 5,000
  • Church Housing Trust : £1,500
  • The Alcohol & Drug Service: £1,500

In addition an exceptional grant was made by the Trustees to support urgent site repairs to the Nuttall Cottage Homes for Aged Spinsters in  for the safety of residents .


Fareshare Yorkshire Award

The Trust has again during 2016 continued to support Fareshare Yorkshire which makes provision for food for those in the greatest need . The Organisation has brought food suppliers together and has developed services reusing food stock to the benefit of the increasing amount of people who unfortunately need the support of this vital service  .

Supporting Doncaster Womens Aid 2015

Doncaster Women’s Aid provides valuable assistance for women subjected to violence or abusive relationships and offers support to them .

The award of £6000 to the Charity will allow a Domestic Violence Advisor to be funded and helps this valuable organisation continue their good work for women in Doncaster in need of assistance and help

Supporting Food Banks 2015

Making Donations To Food Bank

Supporting Food Banks 2015 Award

The Trust has recently supported Fair Share Foodbanks to the sum of £5000 . As readers will know foodbanks are an increasing presence in our communities and the trust see this as a way to support those who are unable to feed themselves in the Doncaster Community . This represents a good value investment for the Trust as we are able through Fair Share to help so many people in need .