About the Trust

The Charity is registered at the Charities Commission under 223002 the can follow the link here :

The JW  Chapman Earlsmere Trust was created by the will of the Late Mr Chapman who continued a life long dedication to helping Doncaster People by leaving a substantial sum of money and property portfolio for those in need in Doncaster .

The Trust which is supervised by the Charities Commission operates to very strict standards and as far as individuals are concerned can only accept applications from those within the Borough of Doncaster .

Such residents must be in need of assistance and able to demonstrate hardship . On that basis essential items can be applied for and the Trust will make suitable awards to individuals . Awards usually involve direct provision of the items rather than cash grants although limited clothing grants can be provided .

Individual applicants must have applied to all other sources for help  such as the benefit agency and in that context the Trust is the last safety net  .

All applicants are accepted by the trusts visitor and applications are followed up by the visitor who checks the need is genuine and the financial information given is correct .

Some Facts About Us

” The JW Chapman Trust is the last safety net for Doncaster Residents “